An easy to use Frequency Converter, with 3kVA of variable Three Phase output

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The standard unit has three phase output at up to 3kVA and can operate from a European 230V single phase supply.

Output frequency can be set by the user to any value between 45Hz and 1000Hz. Output voltage is variable from zero to a maximum in two ranges, 0-135/234V and 0-270/468V. Output current capability is doubled on the lower range.

Control of the unit is all touch button interface, with a clean concise LCD screen. The values chosen by the operator are stored by the microprocessor when the converter is switched off, and are available for immediate use on future occasion. Values can be adjusted at anytime whilst live online or offline.

The output is a pure sine wave, and is fully protected against over current conditions. In addition to the built-in output protection.

The LP3 can be supplied with an RS232 remote connector which can be connected to any PC operating on a windows platform allowing full control of the unit remotely.

This unit is available in a 19” rack mounting version or a bench unit.