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Magnus Power has over 25 years experience building bespoke power supply systems.

We take pride in designing, engineering and manufacturing a system to suit your exact specification and needs.

We have build specialised power supply systems for many types of industries worldwide, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Aerospace, Construction and Medical, as well as as for International military applications including the MOD, Army, Navy and Royal Air Force.

At Magnus Power we are frequently asked to build specialised systems for product development purposes, to test specific pieces of equipment where precise controllability is needed for the product development. One of the key advantages of Magnus Power building your company a specialised system is that we are able to provide a wide operating voltage and frequency range, so that the product can be tested for their reaction under various load conditions. If required we can manufacture high power development systems for this purpose.

We can manufacture a fixed power supply or a variable power supply where you can adjust between two fixed points, where the degree of variance can be .1 of a volt, ensuring absolutely stable power without any drifting, even when the unit is utilised twenty four hours a day , seven days a week.

However if your requirement is a more sensitive supply where you require controllability, flexibility and reliability, in particular for testing relays or turbines, our design engineering team will work alongside your company to ensure that your project requirements are fulfilled.

At Magnus Power we have even custom built 800 hertz equipment for testing purposes upto 8000 Volts. With our expertise we can take unpredictable power and convert it into good clean power.

Many of our specialised systems are utilised in hostile terrains and harsh weather conditions, in particular when utilised for powering subsea equipment, our systems can be exposed to the open outdoor elements.

Our expertise in manufacturing ensure we meet all the hazardous location classification categories, including zone 1 categorisation. Even if you need to site your bespoke power supply in a hazardous area, where the air can contain vapours which are highly flammable. We can build bespoke cabinet solutions for these types of hazardous environments, incorporating pressurised cabinets, to protect from potentially flammable fumes or gases.

We can also supply EEXD classification explosive proof containers, these are ideal for usage in Airports, Government Buildings, Telecommunications and Data Centres and for Military Applications. Having EEXD classification, we recently completed several systems that had to be robustly constructed for usage under the chassis of Army trucks.

Another safety feature our design engineering team frequently build into our systems is safety interlocks, so if a door is accidentally opened or the glass within the unit is smashed, although the pressure inside the unit would drop, the power within the system rack would cut off instantaneously due to the safety interlocks, ensuring complete safety.

At Magnus Power we believe that we have a strong product base which represents unrivalled performance and value for money. It is important to us that you as our customer buy the right equipment for your application.