Oil and Gas

Magnus Power has been manufacturing for the Oil and Gas Industries for over 25 years. Our expertise in this field is unparallel. We have several hundred Specialised power supplies in use on Oil and Gas Platforms around the world.

Where you need to ensure complete reliability of your power source, 24/7 maintaining good clean uninterrupted power, with complete controllability from a central source, in particular with subsea equipment, where in each installation instance you can have a different scenario, whether it is powering up a single well on the sea bed, a short distance away, or it could be powering twenty wells on the seabed several kilometres away, we can provide the flexibility in the design, manufacture and build of your power system.

In particular in the Oil and Gas industries time is money, you cannot afford to have interruption of your power supplies to your equipment, at Magnus Power we have the expertise to build multi bay power supply systems, affording you all of the control that you need regardless of your equipment situation or location of the equipment.

In particular we have an enormous amount of expertise in building power supply equipment for Hazardous locations, including Zone 1 and Zone 2 requirements. We can build the system so it is totally enclosed in a stainless steel high pressurised unit, with safety interlocks, so that if the unit is compromised by accident, the power is immediately disconnected, ensuring the safety of your personnel.

Our power supplies can be designed to be fixed frequency or variable frequency, with complete contrallabilty of the variable frequency down to .1 of a Volt. With our system builds you are assured that once the voltage is set, there is no drifiting, regardless of whether the equipment is used 24/7. Our systems are built to be robust and tolerate extreme weather conditions, whether it is temperature, humidity or vibrations. This permits them to be utilised on either Rigs or FPSOs, ensuring that you have complete flexibility and long term usability of the system.

We can also build systems with EEXD or EEXDe requirements, ensuring that the power supplies are in an explosive proof environment.

For further information on how Magnus Power can work with you to develop a power supply system to suit your requirements please contact our sales team now.

Aviation and Avionics

Here at Magnus Power we can offer an excellent range of frequency converters to suit your application, whether you are a testing or repairing galley equipment, lighting or seating for on board aircraft use, we will have a 400hz supply for you.

Do you need a 400hz frequency converter for your avionics workshop? Here at Magnus Power we can offer an excellent range of frequency converters to suit your application, whether you are a testing or repairing galley equipment, lighting or seating, for on board aircraft use, we will have a 400hz supply for you. At Magnus Power we can offer a small 1kw fixed output 400hz converter, this is a very compact unit(which weighs less then 10kgs) or our LF3-400, this has a 3kw 3 Phase Output, we have found this unit very popular with aircraft seating manufacturers

If you are looking for a frequency converter to power the whole workshop or to provide 400Hz for hangars with our ME3 range we can offer a unit from 10kw to 200kw


At Magnus Power we have been providing Military grade power supply solutions for over 25 years. We have designed, engineered and built power supply systems for the MOD, British Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force.

As the Military are working in an ever changing hostile threat environment, emphasis is placed by Magnus Power on the implementation of the latest proven technology in our field, alongside rapid development times for specific military power solutions. With our own internal design engineering team, we can minimise development times down to a few weeks in most instances

We have been regularly contracted to develop and engineer product solutions for all types of power issues on both Military equipment and vehicles. This can be technically complex, where we need to stabilise power running from separate generators or on a helicopter’s rota blade, where the voltages are differentiating highly, to ensure the power supply is effectively clean and regulated with a stable voltage to run individual pieces of equipment, through to power supply systems that will operate robustly in minus 40 degree artic conditions.

Magnus Power can build and supply robust equipment for hazardous location categorisations, including Zone 1. We also have EEXD and EEXDe certification for our products. Our power supply and frequency converter product solutions meet shock, vibration, temperature, interface and compliance to the specifications and quality demanded by the Military.

We work both directly with the Military, Prime and sub -contractors supplying to the Military, MOD, British Army, Navy, and Royal Air Force.

Magnus Power has earned an excellent reputation for delivering reliable and robust technology solutions for any type of Power supply system required, most importantly on time and under budget.

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In today’s modern manufacturing processes there is a large amount of automation so you can ill afford a sudden loss of power. As you are aware this sudden loss of power can damage the manufacturing process and can cause a loss of production for hours or days.

Magnus Power can offer an extensive range of UPS system to give you the peace of mind if there is a loss of power there is one our UPS systems to support you. Our range of UPS Systems range from 500VA to 800KVA.

If your company is manufacturing any electrical or electronic equipment for export and you need a power source, then Magnus Power have an excellent range of frequency converters which can offer 50Hz to 60Hz or any other frequency.

Have you got on old rotary converter, would you like to replace it with a quieter more efficient unit the talk to Magnus power about our range of static frequency converters!